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Three-legged centrifuge common fault

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Common faults and treatment methods for three-legged centrifuges
Increase noise
Possible reasons: the installation level of the centrifuge is broken, the damping system is damaged; the feeding flow is uneven, the drum is eroded by the material for a long time; the friction part is not filled with the relevant lubricant; the liquid outlet is blocked.
Treatment method: check whether the centrifuge is placed horizontally, whether the angle of the shock absorber of the centrifuge is intact; the feeding method should be uniform, the feeding method should be first to the full speed and then the small to large uniform feeding; the solid and liquid in the material should be evenly mixed, not There is a large solid phase. Check whether there is a large amount of bonded dry material in the drum, and the manufacturer can be commissioned to check the balance; the rotor bearing part is filled with lubricant; check whether the outlet is blocked, and the outlet port is blocked, the drum will rotate in the liquid, thus Increase friction and increase noise.
2. Spindle temperature rise is too high
Possible reasons: The grease added at the factory has been exhausted, there are tiny debris between the spindle bearings, and the machine speed is too high, exceeding the design capability.
Treatment: Open the spindle to add grease, clean the spindle bearings, and use the centrifuge at the factory standard speed.
3. Motor temperature rise is too high
Possible causes: The machine load is too heavy, the motor speed is too high, and the circuit itself is defective in design.
Solution: Check if the motor is running according to the relevant load and use the motor at normal speed. If everything is normal and the temperature is still rising, please contact the motor manufacturer for replacement. The centrifuge is a high-speed operation equipment. Generally, the materials are corrosive materials. During long-term use, it is necessary to check whether the various components of the machine are normal and replace them when necessary to prevent unsafe accidents.